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What People are saying:

“Working with Paul at Thane Direct was a great experience. His understanding of the product and customer meant that the shows he produced were of excellent quality and very effective in demonstrating product features in a context viewers understood. Most importantly Paul was not afraid to seek constructive criticism and opinions during the production process and his portfolio of successful infomercials is testament to his ability to listen and understand how to produce a show that is successful in North America and International markets.”
Thomas Parrott , Managing Director of Beachbody UK.
Formerly Managing Director, Thane Direct Ltd, London

“Paul is a driving force in our business, having generated hundreds of millions of dollars through the shows he Produced and Directed. 

His exceptional track record of shows with high productions values combined with a very strong pitch puts him in the top echelon of DRTV personalities. He's also recognized for his originality, incredible work ethic and integrity.”
Tim Hawthorne , Chairman / Exec. Creative Director, Hawthorne Direct

“Paul has a great mind for marketing and invests his talents into producing creative, high-impact and money making infomercials. A pleasure to know and work with.”
Scott Richards , CEO, DIAL 800

“I have worked with Paul directly and indirectly for over ten years and together we have generated nearly half a billion dollars in infomercial sales, so you will understand when I say there aren't enough positive adjectives in the dictionary to describe him and his work. 

Intelligent, creative, hard working and goal oriented with skills that run the gamut from producing to editing, I would work with him again in a minute.”
Steve Ober , Vice President, Sylmark

”Paul is a kind, uplifting and talented producer. I've had the privilege of working with Paul for many years and would work with him over and over again! He knows what he wants and is great at bringing out the best of each product, the talent and crew. If you want someone that pays attention to details, looks at his work objectively and doesn't accept anything less than perfection, Paul is your man!”
Tony Notaro , Owner, Chef Tony Enterprises LLC

“Paul has amazing creativity, a sharp eye and is incredibly easy and enjoyable to work with. He is truly the best in the business at what he does!”
Jay Blahnik , Owner, Blahnik, Inc.

“Paul Greenberg is one of the leading producers and executives in the DRTV industry. He is extremely detail-oriented, making sure every frame of the show leads towards sales. 

I have worked alongside Paul for over a decade and have nothing but praise for him as manager, as an executive, and as a person.”
Christopher Foley ,  Editor, Bolder Pictures

“I've worked with Paul for ten years providing Lighting Designs for his various projects. He has always been a professional, directing and producing. He allows me creative freedom then adds his input until he is able to see his final vision. I always look forward to a project with Paul.”
Jim Carne , Lighting Designer, Academy Lighting Consultants

“Paul approach to television production is a powerful mix of creativity and precision. He brings incredible vision to any project, making it more impactful and entertaining. Paul also pays close attention to all the little details, which adds up to a higher quality production at a fraction of the cost. In short, Paul is a fabulous addition to any production team.”
Mark Scarpaci , Writer, Ashland Creative

“What I enjoy about working with Paul is that, although he is most definitely the client, he allows others to be creative and assertive...and at the same time feeds the creative process with his own unique brand of marketing and production prowess. You know from the start he demands perfection, but with his fantastic attitude and drive he pulls the best out of everyone he works with. That is the true definition of a leader. And as a DR producer, it's always great to work with a hit maker.”
Bruce Dworsky , Owner, Jordan Direct, LLC

“I have been lucky enough to work with Paul at both Sylmark and Thane. All together, we worked side-by-side/day and night, for close to 10 years and unlike in most cases, the longer we worked together, the more respect I gained for him both as a creative force and a person. Paul brings with him the highest standards; professionally and personally, and these are not values we easily find in our industry. He is an innovative problem solver, and a 24 hour a day dedicated worker (I have the wrinkles to prove it!) Collaboration with Paul promises success, and innovation.”
Neil Gordon , President, Better DRTV

“Paul is a creative mastermind with proven results in the industry. His winning commercials can be viewed around the world.”
Rick Sheffield , owner, Sheffield Productions

“Paul is a meticulous and talented creative force. He has great ideas and knows how to dig deep and match product with talent, and create compelling Direct Response advertising that drives profit.
Ed Crain , Owner, Kingstar Direct Inc.

“Paul has a great eye and instincts in this business, every time I work with Paul I learn something new!”
Vanessa Haltrecht , VP Production, Kingstar Direct Inc

“Working with Paul and his team is always a rewarding experience. As a leader, Paul fosters a culture of professionalism, creativity, and quality among his team and business partners. Paul is a straight shooter with a vision.”
Paul Herschell , EVP, Sports Unlimited Talent Agency

“Paul is an extremely creative and hard-working producer who knows how to develop shows that sell, the true gauge of a successful direct marketer. Having worked both with and for Paul over the past several years, I consider him one of the sharpest minds in our industry.”
Bob Levitan , EURO RSCG

“Working with Paul over the last decade or so has been a pleasure. Always the ultimate professional, but in addition, makes you feel like you are a friend. Paul has an uncanny vision for what works in direct response advertising, moving volumes of product... on a worldwide basis.”
Jack King , President, Celeb Brokers

“I had the pleasure of working with Paul during my time at Sylmark. He is an independent thinker and a man of great personal integrity, and that is reflected in his work. Paul has great creative vision and knows how to get across sales messages, and he is responsible for some of our industry's best success stories. In addition to all this, Paul is a trusted colleague who I am proud to call a friend.”
Richard Scheiner , Vice President of Direct Marketing, Sylmark

“Paul Greenberg is a good honest man whose creative passion and professionalism was well received by all when I worked with him at Sylmark. He's a family man with great integrity and loyalty to his convictions.”
Rick Shiu , Director of Media Planning and Analysis, Sylmark

“I worked with Paul at Sylmark for 2 years. During that time I worked on IT projects for him directly and for his group. Paul was a joy to work with. Every request he made of me was thought out thoroughly. He left no room for misunderstanding. Paul's level of professionalism is just one of the many reasons he is an asset to any company he chooses to work with.”
Chris Jones , Network Administrator, Sylmark, Inc.

“I was fortunate enough to work with Paul for several years when he was VP of Production and I was VP of Legal Affairs at Sylmark. I developed a deep respect for Paul as a business person and creative talent. Paul has incredible business sense, creative vision, discipline, drive and a magnetic personality. Paul was one of the key members of the creative team responsible for many of our most successful shows. Paul was a great asset to Sylmark and is a great friend and we all miss him!”
Laurie McLaughlin , VP Legal Affairs, Sylmark, Inc.

“I know Paul as a dedicated and talented manager with a creative talent that stood out every day. I supported Paul in his role as a senior manager at Sylmark, Inc. and it was a genuine pleasure. The day-to-day activities at Sylmark were dynamic and many times we worked to tight deadlines and had to adjust to many difficult challenges. I found Paul to be a great communicator who respected everyone around him regardless of how much pressure there was on us. He always had a clear direction and vision for success but was able to actively listen and make sound decisions that brought synergy to our organization. Paul's a great person with high integrity and solid management skills who can be counted on no matter what the situation. 

Duane Reese , Director, Quality Assurance, Sylmark

“Paul's work revolves around his incredible vision; both creative and long-term goal. Paul has an extensive background enabling him to excel with all aspects of Preproduction, Production, Post Production and beyond. He has a fantastic recall for the most minute details of a studio shoot, an edit session or a contract negotiation. In the parlance of baseball, Paul is a "five-point player" who excels at whatever goal(s) he sets forth to accomplish.”
Robert Spitz , Editor, Sylmark Productions

“Paul is an inspiring producer and a pleasure to work with . His imaginative approach to direct marketing is part of the magic behind the volume of hit shows that he has produced over the years. Thane is lucky to have him.”
Reginald Groff III , Creative Director, Groff Films, Inc

“I met Paul Greenberg while conducting a retained search for the Chief Creative Officer for my client, Thane Direct. 

Their need was for an individual well versed in the conceiving and making programs for their direct marketing products. After talking to dozens of prospects and sources, Paul emerged as the hands-down leading candidate of choice. 

His instincts about what works (and does not) in DRTV are masterful and have served him in creating beautiful programs. His work is head and shoulders above competitors, creating classy shows that delight and draw viewers in. Sales of the products featured in Paul's programs increased dramatically. 

Interacting with Paul is a pleasure. He is enthusiastic, playful and has a delightful sense of humor. His personality is infectious. In addition, he is a kind and fair human being. 

Your project will be in capable, creative and caring hands when you hire Paul.”
Abigail Jaye , Principal, ResearchWorks

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